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Hair Tips to Live By

There are certain hairstyles that we ALL wish we could take back (80s perm anyone?).  But, below is a list put together by Lucky Magazine of 5 hair tips to always and forever live by:

1)  Blow-dry side to side rather than (or in addition to) upside down for volume

2)  Your hair will be shinier if your final rinse is with cold water

3)  A ton of water is necessary when shampooing your hair.  Otherwise shampoo neither gets in or out of hair well, leaving it duller than dull

4)  Braids are sexy, cute and the only acceptable form of pigtail

5)  Beachy waves are always sexy

Keep these things in mind the next time you are getting ready for a night out.  Beautiful, sexy hair is never a bad thing.


Get A Flatter Belly!

Bathing suit season is in full bloom and one thing we all would like is a flatter belly.  Many of us diet and work out relentlessly and still cannot achieve a sculpted, flat belly.  This can be very frustrating.  Luckily I've got a few items to try out for those of you who suffer from this issue.  One option for some may be to have Dr. Conkright perform an Abdominoplasty.  A tummy tuck is designed to give you a toner, flatter abdomen.  The procedure removes excess abdominal skin and may also reduce fat and tighten the muscles of your abdominal wall.  It frequently is performed to correct muscle weakness and loose skin that can occur following multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss. Call to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Conkright to determine if you are a candidate for an Abdominoplasty!

For those of you who are in dire need to flatten your belly fast, whether it is for an upcoming vacation or even a wedding, check out the tips below:

  • Sip more water. To reduce bloat, try sipping on 6 to 12 glasses of water each day.
  • Do something to relieve stress everyday. The stress hormones actually cause your body to store more fat cells around your waist-so slashing stress is key.
  • Eat a little fat every day. When you have zero fat in your daily diet, you will lose enzymes that help you digest fat.  The key is moderation and to consume healthy fats such as avocados.
  • Tweak the way you breathe. Inhaling and exhaling through the belly will cause it to fill up like a balloon.  Instead, the rib cage should be expanding and contracting when you breathe.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep will cause you to be hungrier and therefore overeat, and we all know that can lead to a bigger belly.
  • Cut back on artificial sweeteners. A lot of our bodies don't recognize artificial sweeteners as food and therefore don't know how to digest them causing us to become gassy.
  • Stand up straight. Slouching pushes your hips and belly forward, making your body look heavier and your stomach poochier than they really are.

*tips courtesy of Glamour May 2010 issue


10 ways to look 5 years younger!

Below are some useful tricks to cut off 5 years from your appearance-and they are non-invasive!! You may be able to put some of the tips into place today because you will find that they involve items and products you very well could have in your house!  ENJOY!

1.  BRIGHTEN UP WITH CONCEALER-dab concealer on the inner and outer corners of eyes, the outer sides of nostrils, and either end of the lips and everything will suddenly lift up!

2.  BE CAREFUL WITH COLOR-it is great to keep your hair color updated, but dying hair too dark looks unnatural, and if blond hair is over-highlighted the golden tones (which keep hair looking youthful and pretty) are lost.

3.  PERK UP A SAGGY BUTT-check out the tag of your jeans before purchasing to make sure they have at least 2 percent stretch, like Lyrca.  pants with more than 98% cotton will stretch out as soon as you wear them and give you no support.

4.  SHINE ON-restore the healthy shine of hair with a clear, conditioning gloss.  apply a shine serum daily for everyday sparkle!

5.  FIND THE PERFECT BRA-get a professional bra fitting and try to ignore the letters and numbers.  a good bra elevates your chest giving you a longer, slimmer-looking waist!

6.  GIVE SOME LIP SERVICE-ditch those dark, matte lipsticks and try using a pink gloss.  the brighter color makes your kisser appear fuller, younger, and smoother!

7.  FAKE AN EYE LIFT-use a light-colored shadow near the lash line and a deeper shade in an arc above the crease where the lid is drooping.  the result?  a more wide-eyed, youthful look!

8.  GET A LITTLE CHEEKY-as we age the fat pads in our face fall.  but you can defy nature:  dermalfillers last from 3 months and up, and you can see the skin-plumping effects right away!  something a little more subtle to try is a bright pink blush.  it will illuminate the cheekbone and draw the eye upward.

9.  LOSE THE POWDER MAKEUP-as you get older and your skin produces less oil, dewy makeup is more flattering.  consider switching to a light-weight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effects and cream versions of blush and bronzer.  also, a few drops of well-placed shimmer on cheekbones are the makeup equivalent of good lighting!

10.  MIX THINGS UP-always throw in something unexpected, like messy hair, a casual jacket, or flats with a fancy dress.  it will energize your look by a decade!

information courtesy of InStyle Magazine, November 2009