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New Fall Hair Trend?

Here at Dr. Conkright's office the majority of the people coming in and out the door are women and everyone who works here is a woman, minus Dr. Conkright of course.  As you can imagine one thing always on our mind is BEAUTY.  An aspect of beauty that is discussed quite often is that of hair.  We are either not happy with the way our hair looks one particular day, our hair color turned out horendous, or our latest haircut is just not doing it for us.  I can't believe it, but summer is already coming to a close.  We are looking ahead at all the fall styles regarding fashion, make-up, and hair.  You see it all over the boutiques, malls, magazines, etc.

Recently Vanessa Hudgens was photographed on set of an upcoming movie project sporting a short new hairdo.  Possible new fall hair trend?  We were all curious whether this was a wig or if she really did chop off her long, beautiful locks.  Turns out, she cut off all her hair!  Not only that, she did it herself.  All of us here at the office are in agreement that this is one hairstyle that is a big no-no.  One of those she will look back on and wonder, why?  You know you can relate....we all can.  We all have had that moment of "oh no, what did i get myself into with this unbelievably awful haircut".  Her latest style has aged her years and as she put it makes her look like a "soccer mom".  Vanessa is a beautiful young actress and that will not change.  Thank goodness hair grows (or in Hollywood life, hair extensions).  Sorry Vanessa, but when it comes to my new fall hairdo, this is one I will NOT be asking for.


5 Summer Do's

Be on trend this summer by wearing the following 5 trusty trendy items:

1)  Big Floppy Hats. Look cute and keep the sun off your face.  What more can you ask for?

2)  Sweet Sundresses. How can you argue with flattering, flirty, and fun?

3)  Big Shades.  Squinting just creates more wrinkles and fines lines.  No one wants that, so keep your eyes protected, look cute, and prevent fine lines with sunglasses!

4)  Beach-Dried Hair. In winter, it takes about 5 products to pull off a look like this.  Enjoy the ease of this easy-going hairstyle!

5)  Bright Nail Polish. Instant happiness right at your fingertips!

2010 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is in the air and fashionista's around the world are ready to start donning their shorter, lighter fashion items for the warm weather!  Year end and year out it seems trends are always changing so I'm hear to shed some light on the latest spring fashion trends!

1)  Shoulder Pads.  Yes, you heard right.  I was able to speak with Jaye Moseley, owner of Excursions (a local fashion boutique Evansville, IN) who let me in on some of the latest trends, including this one.  Shoulder pads these days are worn more subtle and the shoulder pads are thinner than they use to be making your shoulders look broader and your waistline slimmer.

2)  Long Tops with Stretchy Pants.  Whether you are wearing skinny jeans or leggings, slim leg lines are all the rage.  Match them with a spring tunic top and you are ready to go!

3)  Feminine Details.  Bows, Ruffles and all things girly are really in style this Spring.  I'm sure if you have walked around your local mall you have noticed this trend in store windows.  Dress down a "party dress" by matching it with a cardigan and flats.

4)  Nautical Look.  Navy is certainly the color of NOW, but nautical stripes can be worn in various colors such as red and white.  Match your striped skirt with a top bearing metallic details and you will be wearing one of the hottest trends this season!

5)  Prints.  Prints of all sorts will be seen this Spring.  And it's okay to mix and match items with different prints, but be sure not to mix and match brights with pastels.  Match a pastel with another pastel item and so on.

6)  New Color Combos.  Along the spring fashion runway were color combinations that we have not seen much of before.  The most popular color combos for the spring are:  gray & red, tan & orange, white & yellow, navy & turquoise.

7)  Polka Dots.  They have classic appeal and can be worn on women of any age and still look great!  Dots in neutral colors, such as tan, are what you will find on many spring fashion pieces.  Beware not to go overboard with the polka dots--big dots work best on the top OR on a skirt, but definitely not both.

8)  Shorts.  Keep yourself cool by wearing shorts this Spring.  Match super short shorts with a loose top to balance out the outfit.  Or try buying your shorts 1 size larger than you usually wear and tie them with a belt.  Finish this look by rolling the cuffs up.

9)  Animal Prints.  I already mentioned that prints off all kinds are a hit this year, but animal prints are their own category!  Whether it is leopard or zebra, animal prints are a big hit!  If you aren't sure about wearing a top in this prints, then try accessorizing with a zebra print clutch or a leopard print cuff.

10)  Leather.  Most people can't pull off leather pants but they are back in style!  For those of us who aren't brave enough to try out this look just yet, once again use this trend to accessorize your outfit.  For example, leather shoes, purses, and cuffs!

I hope you have found these tips useful!  Happy Shopping!

-Stefanie Breivogel-

2010 Spring Makeup Trends

Last week I brought you the newest trend information on Spring hairstyles and this week I'll be giving you the latest, hottest makeup trends this Spring!

1)  Red Lips!  They are still in, but be want to keep the rest of your makeup very minimal and natural looking.  Your red lips will brighten up your entire face without the use of any other makeup!

2)  Long, Thick Eyelashes.  You can opt for the use of false eyelashes, or even try one of my personal favorite products-Latisse to help your lashes look longer, darker, and thicker.  But you can even get this look by putting on a couple of coats of dark black mascara!

3)  Bronzed Skin Is Back!  You don't want to end up looking too fake or orange, so be careful when choosing a shade of bronzer.  Match bronzed skin with a pink lip gloss and you are ready for the day!

4)  Shimmer!  Keep the shimmer on your eyes and/or your cheeks for a chic look this spring!

5)  Coral!  Yes, I said coral.  I know some of your think of those over-tanned ladies from Florida when I mention this color.  But coral is a very flattering color on most people especially in the form of a lip gloss which is how it is meant to be worn.

6)  "No-Makeup" Look.  Less is most certainly more!  For those of you with porcelein skin, keep it simple this spring with only peach lips and a couple coats of black mascara.

7)  Blush!  For awhile, we weren't seeing too much blush being worn, but rather bronzer in the place of blush.  Well ladies, blush has made it's return.  It's sure to brighten anyone's face this time of year.  Speak to a professional with help in picking out the perfect shade for your skin.

8)  Blue/Green Eyeshadow.  I know, most of you are thinking I am crazy...but this look can be pulled off with the proper material.  It is important not to apply these eyeshadows too heavily, but rather create a smoky effect by mixing and matching a couple of shades of either green or blue.

9)  Thick Eyeliner.  For a night out on the town, be sure to add eyeliner on your eyes and make it thick!  Don't forget to coat on mascara after applying your eyeliner.

10)  Easter Egg Eyeshadow Colors.  I've already mentioned green and blue eyeshadow and those are the 2 hottest colors for the spring.  But also, pastel yellow, pinks, and greens are also all the rave!

I hope you find this tips useful while shopping for your new spring makeup!  Have fun with your makeup this Spring and keep it exciting!