Appearance, Appearance, Appearance!



" I tan, I feel good, I'll look good tomorrow... What's health?" That is the feeling among young college age girls today.  They know that ultraviolet rays are harmful but they are not worried about wrinkles, premature aging or melanoma.  They just want to look good.  Sunless tanning-whether with lotions, bronzers, or sprays-has been promoted as an effective substitute to dodge the health risks of UV rays, but if the products do not provide the perfect tan, young women likely will not us them.  Appearance is the biggest concern. Quotes such as "homely people have a hard time finding happiness" and " I should do whatever I can to always look my best" outweigh the fact that they could be putting themselves at risk for skin cancer.   So, why is a tan so important? The fact is that throughout much of history, light skin has been seen as desirable because it indicated a person was wealthy or refined rather than a member of the lower classes who worked outside and were exposed to sun.  Tans didn't catch on until the 1920's, when iconic designer Coco Chanel got sunburned while spending time in the French Riviera.  Her fans liked the look and began emulating her.  Again, Coco looked good, proving that it is all about appearance.  Here at Conkright  Aesthetics we want you to look and feel your best, so we are offering a great special next week for all you sunless tanning product users.  Get your skin ready with Jan Marini Resurfacing Body Scrub ($37 retail) and Jan Marini Hand & Body Lotion ($36 retail) when you buy the lotion receive the scrub for half price.  Now I know that many of you will still lay in the sun, but please wear your SPF.   Appearance is very important, but please be safe and think about what you want to do in the future and how fabulous you would like to look then too.

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