"Botox isn't magic, its medicine"


The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for Botox injections.  Looking your best for all festivities and photos that go with them is very important.  First time users and veterans alike are searching for the most economic and convenient appointment time.  Often, shopping renders a less expensive price tag and maybe even a more convenient place or time of day for a busy schedule.  Botox is a natural purified protein that relaxes muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  Injecting this into the muscle causes them to relax and the skin to be smoother and youthful.  That is the intent.  It is necessary to put the tiny injections of Botox in the correct locations. Creating a look that is sinister or sleepy is not optimal.  Seeking Botox magic is NOT in the medicine but in the technique of the injector.  Careful consideration in patient selection is important.  Result goals should be realistic!  Like any investment, do your homework. It takes up to two weeks for Botox Cosmetic to reach maximum results. Generally you get what you pay for.

So when looking for the magic Botox this holiday season, remember it is medicine.

Martha Hahus

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