Breast Augmentation Class Recap

One week ago we held a breast augmentation class here at Dr. Conkright's office. It was the first time we have ever put together an event like this, but it turned out to be a huge success! We had a very nice crowd who filled up our lobby. A lot of individuals brought a friend with them too! We offered beverages, cheese, and fruit to all of our guests. We started the class with a brief introduction and then followed with a short video produced by the ASPS about breast augmentation. Dr. Conkright then took over and spoke about breast augmentation as he would in a normal consult setting. We had a computer hooked up to the TV so that at the end of Dr. Conkright's presentation he was able to show the class before and after pictures of our past breast augmentation patients (which are located right here on our website).
The class ended with a previous consult patient who modeled for the rest of the class. She stood up and gave the class a 360 so they could get a good look at what she looks like. Then, she tried on sizers (sample implants) that had been picked out by Dr. Conkright specifically for her. She then came back out to show the class a good idea of what she would look like after her breast augmentation surgery.
To finish the night, we asked each class attendee to speak with a Clinical Team Associate who gave each individual a coupon for breast surgery as well as an official quote. Most individuals decided to go ahead and schedule another appointment with Dr. Conkright so that he could measure them for implant size. A lot of the class attendees were even ready to schedule their surgery!
All in all, I would say our class was an absolute success and we look forward to having more classes like this in the future!

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