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Plastic Surgery Wins at the Academy Awards

At the Academy Awards this year there was one winner that really got my attention:  Best Short Documentary:  Saving Face.  This is a great story and one in which plastic surgery plays a leading role.

This documentary is about two Pakistani women who are victims of acid violence, and the London based, Pakistani born plastic surgeon Mohammad Jawad who helps to reconstruct their faces.  Each year over 100 people, mostly women, are injured in Pakistan when acid is thrown on them, a common form of domestic violence.  Resultant injuries are horrific, and most of these cases go unreported.  Dr. Jawad works to help reconstruct the faces of these women such that they can rejoin society.  The film's director, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy says that this is a positive story in two ways is a positive story in two ways.  First, it features the work of Dr. Jawad to help the women of his homeland.  Secondly, the film follows in depth the parliament's passage of a bill against acid violence.

All too frequently when one thinks of plastic surgery and the Academy Awards the subject is who has recently had a facelift or who has had too much Botox, but this is a story about the other side of plastic surgery:  reconstructive surgery.  The majority of all plastic surgeons do a great deal of this, and many often so through charities.  Featuring this work and the impact it has on the lives of those people who have been affected by injury or disease is a tremendous story.  Congratulations to everyone associated with this effort, and many thanks to the Academy for recognizing this work!

Kate Gosselin...the dancing queen?


Can you believe this picture is the same person?  Kate Gosselin is almost unrecognizable (especially after shedding that awful hairdo), but I will say she does look quite gorgeous in my opinion.  Although after spending a reported $35,000 on plastic surgery she should look amazing!  That money was spent on a mommy makeover which consisted of tummy tuck, breast surgery, veneers, Botox, hair extensions, etc.

All of these things are very apparant while watching her on Dancing with the Stars twice a week which she was FINALLY voted off of last night.  Let's be honest....her dancing skills were certainly not keeping her safe from elimination but her fans supported her so much that she made it through the first few weeks.

I've got to be honest when I say I never was a follower of the Gosselins, until the episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 when they announced their divorce.  That was riveting television.  Everyone had speculated, but it seemed no one believed it until the Gosselins themselves confirmed it.  Somehow, even after the cancellation of Jon and Kate plus 8, Kate Gosselin has managed to keep herself in the limelight.  Kate has written a couple of books which led to book tours across the country.  She also has visited many talk shows and even served as co-host for quite some time on The View while Elizabeth Hasselback was on maternity leave.    Next stop:  Dancing with the Stars.

I don't think anyone ever imagined Kate Gosselin would be that bad at dancing.  Once again, I was also not a follower of Dancing with the Stars but came across the show one evening this year while flipping through the channels only to stop long enough to catch the dancing trainwreck that was Kate Gosselin.  It was painful.  I mean absolutely painful to watch, but for some reason I tuned in week after week just to watch Kate Gosselin dance.

For some strange reason I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of Kate Gosselin.  So my question is: What will Kate's next step be to keep herself in the Hollywood limelight?


2010 Spring Fashion Trends


Spring is in the air and fashionista's around the world are ready to start donning their shorter, lighter fashion items for the warm weather!  Year end and year out it seems trends are always changing so I'm hear to shed some light on the latest spring fashion trends!

1)  Shoulder Pads.  Yes, you heard right.  I was able to speak with Jaye Moseley, owner of Excursions (a local fashion boutique Evansville, IN) who let me in on some of the latest trends, including this one.  Shoulder pads these days are worn more subtle and the shoulder pads are thinner than they use to be making your shoulders look broader and your waistline slimmer.

2)  Long Tops with Stretchy Pants.  Whether you are wearing skinny jeans or leggings, slim leg lines are all the rage.  Match them with a spring tunic top and you are ready to go!

3)  Feminine Details.  Bows, Ruffles and all things girly are really in style this Spring.  I'm sure if you have walked around your local mall you have noticed this trend in store windows.  Dress down a "party dress" by matching it with a cardigan and flats.

4)  Nautical Look.  Navy is certainly the color of NOW, but nautical stripes can be worn in various colors such as red and white.  Match your striped skirt with a top bearing metallic details and you will be wearing one of the hottest trends this season!

5)  Prints.  Prints of all sorts will be seen this Spring.  And it's okay to mix and match items with different prints, but be sure not to mix and match brights with pastels.  Match a pastel with another pastel item and so on.

6)  New Color Combos.  Along the spring fashion runway were color combinations that we have not seen much of before.  The most popular color combos for the spring are:  gray & red, tan & orange, white & yellow, navy & turquoise.

7)  Polka Dots.  They have classic appeal and can be worn on women of any age and still look great!  Dots in neutral colors, such as tan, are what you will find on many spring fashion pieces.  Beware not to go overboard with the polka dots--big dots work best on the top OR on a skirt, but definitely not both.

8)  Shorts.  Keep yourself cool by wearing shorts this Spring.  Match super short shorts with a loose top to balance out the outfit.  Or try buying your shorts 1 size larger than you usually wear and tie them with a belt.  Finish this look by rolling the cuffs up.

9)  Animal Prints.  I already mentioned that prints off all kinds are a hit this year, but animal prints are their own category!  Whether it is leopard or zebra, animal prints are a big hit!  If you aren't sure about wearing a top in this prints, then try accessorizing with a zebra print clutch or a leopard print cuff.

10)  Leather.  Most people can't pull off leather pants but they are back in style!  For those of us who aren't brave enough to try out this look just yet, once again use this trend to accessorize your outfit.  For example, leather shoes, purses, and cuffs!

I hope you have found these tips useful!  Happy Shopping!

-Stefanie Breivogel-

Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

It seems these days people are "addicted" to anything and everything.  From the most common addictions such as alochol and drugs to the more modern addictions such as sex (Tiger Woods anyone?) to plastic surgery.  I'm here to talk about Heidi Montag, the girl from The Hills reality series on MTV.  She recently revealed her new look in People magazine after going under the knife for an unbelievable 10 procedures back in November 2009.

Now look, I can understand her first plastic surgery experience because she had just come to Hollywood where "everyone" is beautiful and she wanted to fit in.  So with a nose job and breast augmentation she turned into a beautiful young lady from what was already great genes.  This recent surgery has me a little concerned.  First of all she is only 23 years old, so the NEED for this many surgeries seems a little outragious.  I would like to note, however, that some of the procedures that are considered part of the 10 surgeries are really non-invasive procedures (botox and fillers).  But still, she did have 8 other surgeries that are a big deal.

I hate to admit it, but I do follow the drama that is Spencer and Heidi Pratt.  I just can't help myself.  That, in itself, is an addiction I have!  So if I did not know better, I would be supportive of her surgeries because if it is going to make herself feel each their own.  However, I would not have had all surgeries performed in one setting.  Anyways, what I do know about Heidi and Spencer is that their plan in life is to be famous.  And with her records not selling and the reality show they star in having its days numbered, it seems this is yet just another tactic to keep themselves in the limelight for as long as possible.  I would say it is a little more than a coincedence that her plastic surgery story came out at the same time her second album dropped.  I do hope she did this for herself and nobody else.  But I have my doubts.