Gummy Bears, Sientra, Where are YOU?

Last March the FDA approved the new "high-strength silicone gel implants" AKA "Gummy Bears" made by the company Sientra.  We posted a blog about it, the cosmetic surgery world was all a buzz about, but since then, where are they?   Like kids in a candy store, women are seeking out these implants because they are supposed to look and feel more like natural breasts, and are safer then other implants because they have a lower rupture rate.  Well, if this is true, let us try them out. Since the news of the approval, we have not heard hide or hair from Sientra or any of their representatives.  I take that back, the CEO of the company did send an email to "Nightline" stating that they do not condone the use of the term "Gummy Bear" and that equating a medical device to a piece of candy trivializes it.  Maybe so, but the term sure has become pretty popular, so if it isn't broke, why fix it?

Breasts are big business these days, with about $1 billion spent on cosmetic breast surgery a year.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 300,000 American women undergo cosmetic breast augmentation every year- up 45 percent since 2000.  So, with the improvement of breast implant technology, and the huge impact it has on the market, don't you think Seintra should be out there somewhere, marketing something, talking to someone?

For years, this type of implant was only available to patients who where involved in a clinical trial, but now many women are inquiring about having a second breast augmentation, with the intent of replacing their saline filled implants with the cohesive gel implants.  Cosmetic surgeons who have patients with realistic expectations and are good candidates for a secondary surgery are willing to perform the surgery, but you have to have the implant first, don't you think?

I am not trying to talk badly about Sientra,  their "gummy bears" seem to be exactly what women have been waiting for.  I have recently thought of having the surgery myself, and if these implants were available, it would give me more options to choose from, so on a personal note, SIENTRA WHERE ARE YOU?  I hope to be blogging soon about the availability of these new implants, and can offer some first hand knowledge of how they feel, but until then, whether you are considering the "gummy bears" or something else, the bottom line is to find a doctor you trust.


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