Kate Gosselin...the dancing queen?


Can you believe this picture is the same person?  Kate Gosselin is almost unrecognizable (especially after shedding that awful hairdo), but I will say she does look quite gorgeous in my opinion.  Although after spending a reported $35,000 on plastic surgery she should look amazing!  That money was spent on a mommy makeover which consisted of tummy tuck, breast surgery, veneers, Botox, hair extensions, etc.

All of these things are very apparant while watching her on Dancing with the Stars twice a week which she was FINALLY voted off of last night.  Let's be honest....her dancing skills were certainly not keeping her safe from elimination but her fans supported her so much that she made it through the first few weeks.

I've got to be honest when I say I never was a follower of the Gosselins, until the episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 when they announced their divorce.  That was riveting television.  Everyone had speculated, but it seemed no one believed it until the Gosselins themselves confirmed it.  Somehow, even after the cancellation of Jon and Kate plus 8, Kate Gosselin has managed to keep herself in the limelight.  Kate has written a couple of books which led to book tours across the country.  She also has visited many talk shows and even served as co-host for quite some time on The View while Elizabeth Hasselback was on maternity leave.    Next stop:  Dancing with the Stars.

I don't think anyone ever imagined Kate Gosselin would be that bad at dancing.  Once again, I was also not a follower of Dancing with the Stars but came across the show one evening this year while flipping through the channels only to stop long enough to catch the dancing trainwreck that was Kate Gosselin.  It was painful.  I mean absolutely painful to watch, but for some reason I tuned in week after week just to watch Kate Gosselin dance.

For some strange reason I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of Kate Gosselin.  So my question is: What will Kate's next step be to keep herself in the Hollywood limelight?


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