Looking for the quick FIX

Every cosmetic procedure takes a little while-or-longer to show its full effect so running to the mirror right after a procedure expecting "instant results" is futile.  If any professional offers you instant results, RUN. Ther is no such thing. From Botox to a Face Lift there is certainly some time to wait for the end "look".  In this decade of aging baby boomers that really are not comfortable with their appearance, instant gratification marketing is selling youth!

The morning new programs, the internet, you next door neighbor and yes, Dr. Oz seem to be considered the leaders in determining what is safe, and appropriate to cure your woes of getting "old", not the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Yes, there are good doctors making intelligent judgements on TV shows, but keep in mind what works well for some might not work for you.  If you've seen something thought-provoking on TV, there's no harm in mentioning it to your doctor-just don't compare your results to something you saw on the tube.  Some times it's smoke and mirrors???

Creams and potions promise big returns, only to have the consumer switch to another cream or potion when that one does not work miracles immediately.  Hopping from one product to the other in search of youth is another problem in the "quick fix" quest.  Millions of dollars are spent annually on the drug store remedy only to have the consumer complain they did not get the results they promised.  Some over the counter home remedies may show some results, but if you are looking for real results, save yourself the aggravation of needless expenditure, find a good doctor.

For over 30 years I have been involved with the aging face and cosmetic surgery.  There is no quick fix.  If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.  The world of aesthetics has come a long way since I began.  My best advice ...set realistic goals, make sure your physician is board certified in plastic surgery, and follow his/her regimen for success.  It may not be the quickest or inexpensive but definitely THE BEST!

Martha Hahus-Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Conkright Aesthetics

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