Not Everything Great is New...

People tend to always want the newest version of anything and everything, whether it be electronics, cars, fashion etc.  But when it comes to some things, such as plastic surgery, not everything new is great.

Dr. Conkright has been in practice over 25 years and a lot of the techniques he uses in his practice today are ones he has used for many, many years.  Do you know why this is?  It is because he knows, after 25 years, that these techniques and procedures work and will produce predictcable, effective results.

We, as a society, love celebrities and it seems everyday there is another celebrity endorsing a brand new product.  Well, I've got to say that on a day to day basis we do not see Hollywood actors and actresses coming through our door for consultations.  What we see are most of are mothers who want their body back like it was before they had children.  Or older individuals who want to look as youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside.  Or young women who just simply are not satisified with their A cup bras.

The bulk of each surgery day throughout each year consists of tummy tucks, breast surgeries, and eyelid surgeries.  And he uses techniques he has seen produce amazing results time and time again, which in turn produces pleased patients.  If something new in plastic surgery comes out, sure Dr. Conkright will take a look at it.  And if it produces consistent, effective results then he may utilize it.  If it does not, then he won't.

Just keep in mind that in plastic surgery not everything great is new and not everything new is great.


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