The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Much has been made recently of the 24 hour, fast, quick or rapid recovery breast augmentation. In fact, this is nothing new. Since 2004 most of our patients have been returning to their normal activities within 24 hours of surgery and to work within a day or two after surgery.

A “24 hour” recovery depends on the patient’s attitude and compliance with directions, the surgeon’s skill, and the patient’s desires. Exercises to relax the tissues, use of the medications for pain (if needed), and Dr. Conkright’s very gentle surgical technique are all part of the equation.

It is very important to follow your pre-operative and post-operative instructions. OUR instructions are available and printable on our website. A one hour appointment is set up 1-2 weeks before your surgery to meet with me and make sure all plans are made for the upcoming surgery and all of your questions are answered, photographs are made and informed consent signed. Printed instructions are gone over carefully. Size and goals are established at the consultation appointment, reiterated at the pre-op conference and gone over one last time with Dr. Conkright just prior to surgery.

Dr. Conkright’s surgical technique is truly state of the art! Meticulous methods that reduce the swelling, bruising and post-operative pain are used. His artistry based on a diverse surgical skill set and experience renders predictable results and fewer complications. A soft sports bra is worn for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Most patients have returned to normal activities in a few days and strenuous activities in a few weeks. No limitation of arm or body movement is required. Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants are used to control soreness.

A typical post-operative breast augmentation patient remark is: “I had no problems at all after surgery”, “I went out to dinner/lunch the day after surgery”, “I did laundry when I got home after surgery”, “ I only took pain medication the day of surgery”, or my favorite, “It was a piece of cake”.


YOUR individual pain tolerance, motivation, and ability to follow instructions will affect your recovery.
Do set realistic goals
Do adopt a positive attitude, follow instructions, and get moving early.

Don’t try to outthink your surgeon!
Don’t follow your friend’s post-operative instructions.

Breast Augmentation with saline or silicone breast implants is a safe procedure to enhance or restore the breast to a more satisfying size or shape. Dr. Conkright uses both saline and silicone breast implants. Board Certified, with well over 5,000 augmentations to his credit, Dr. Conkright is a very important variable in the equation to render 24 hour or quick recovery BREAST AUGMENTATION!





Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Patient Before and After

Martha Hahus

Clinical Nurse Coordinator

J Michael Conkright, MD 1987-Present

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