You are my sunshine


It is spring and the sun really feels good.  Winters grey skies are suppose to be gone.  Southern Indiana continues to have below normal temperatures but "Spring Break" is upon us and we are seeking that warm glow.  Feeling good is one thing, but looking good, not so much... The number one question that I get almost  on a daily basis and sometimes several times a day is " What can I do about these spots?".  Each time my reply is the same!  Protect your skin from the sun!!!! No, they say I have a boat, motorcycle  or garden ect.  Or, " I have to have color!"  " I look sick without it!"  " I just need to have these spots removed."  Well, I can tell you that certainly those spots can be removed via Hydroquinone, a typical skin bleaching cream, or chemical peels and lasers.  All of these methods are effective removing these "age" spots, but if you continue to expose your skin to the sun they will certainly return and sometimes a lot worse!  The sun or the sun's ultra violet rays causes our skin to produce more melanin and over time repeated sun exposure can cause the melanin to group together into darker patches.  Tanning beds, or artificial sources of UV light can cause the same.  Save your money on removing these unsightly dots if you are prepared to protect your skin from further exposure.

Healthy radiant skin is achievable.  The beauty of spring and the warth of the sun is something to look forward to.  Invest in a trendy hat, designer sunglasses, and a good skin care regime that includes sun protection. Make sure the "glow" on your skin is one of radient health, not sun

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