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Lip Augmentation using Juvederm XC Ultra Plus

October 1, 2018
by editor

Lip Augmentation using Juvederm Ultra XC

by editor

Silicone Breast Augmentation 34B to 34D

September 12, 2018
by editor

Height: 5'9      Weight: 130lbs    Age: 26       Pre-operative Bra Size: 34B Post-operative  Bra Size: 34D

Saline Breast Augmentation 34 A to 34 D

August 9, 2018
by editor

23 year old    Height: 5'5    Weight: 128lbs.        Pre-operative Bra Size: 34 A    Post-operative Bra Size: 34 D

Silicone Breast Augmentation 32A to 34D

August 1, 2018
by editor

Age: 39  Height: 5'7   Weight: 110lbs    Pre-op Bra Size: 32A         Post-op Bra Size:  34 D

Face/Neck Lift

July 3, 2018
by editor

Face/Neck Lift   Age: 55