I recently has an appointment with Dr. Conkright's office to inject JUVÉDERM filler for my smile lines. At age 45, I was unhappy with my expression lines, which were apparent even when I was not smiling! I was hesitant to have it done, worried that I might reject it, but decided to jump right in. I've spend hundreds of dollars on products trying to look younger, why not spend money on something that will actually plump the lines?

Boy, I am so glad I did! I saw immediate improvement and have NO smile lines! It looks great! The filler worked exactly as his staff (Martha J. Hahus, Clinical Nurse Coordinator) described with only temporary marks at the injection site that could be covered by makeup.

While I was in the office for the injections, I also purchased an Obagi-C Rx skin care kit to help me reduce my hyperpigmentation I had on my cheeks and chin. The results are amazing after using it faithfully for 3 weeks!

I will never use any other product line other than Obagi-C! A little pricey, but well worth it in results. All of my other products I have will be given to friends or family.

A very satisfied customer - D.H.