Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is one of those times where your skin needs special attention because it can dry out and start cracking. If you already have dry skin or you are beginning to spot the signs of aging, you probably need to be even more cautious of your skin during winter. To hone in on this dilemma, it is important to pick up some effective winter skin care habits.

1. Shorter Showers: A hot steamy shower sounds like the perfect task when it’s cold, but not for your skin. Keep the water temperature in the mid ranges because a hot shower will take away moisture from your skin. The ideal amount of time is anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

2. Moisturize and Moisturize: Moisturize your body right after you shower to lock in all that moisture. If your skin is really dry, use creams rather than moisturizers as they hold less water.  Also, be sure to use sunscreen in the winter.  It's not just the summer months you have to worry about.  The wintertime is still a time when your skin can be harmed by the suns rays.

3. Exfoliate: When skin gets dry in the winter, it means you have a lot of dead skin. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub to replenish your skin. Products with micro-beads are some of the best choices. This process will also reduce and prevent wrinkles, decrease the size of pores, and keep your skin tissue healthy.  When it's cold, you lose blood flow to the skin and the result is a dry, dull tone. Facial treatments can increase circulation and rejuvenate a healthy glow.  Skin care procedures such as Microdermabrassions may be just what you need to get your skin glowing again!

4. Lips: We all know that lips get chapped, can crack, and even bleed during the winter. Protect your lips by using chap-stick or lipstick for moisture.

5. Bundle Up: Your body is vulnerable to the elements when it’s cold. By wearing gloves and socks, you will help your hands and feet retain their moisture, especially after you lather them with moisturizer. This will also help prevent eczema or control it and your nails and cracked cuticles will also benefit from this.

Some other helpful tips:
- Drink plenty of water. Even when there's a chill in the air and thirst isn't overwhelming, water consumption needs to be high to combat the dry air.
- Avoid products with a high percentage of synthetic ingredients (propylene glycol, petroleum), chemical detergents (sodium laurel sulfates), and artificial colors and fragrances.
- Use quality skin care products suited to your skin type.
- Incorporate nutritional supplements into your skin health regimen, such as essential fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, and B vitamins.

When your skin is exposed to wind and a cold breeze, it starts to lose its moisture. Don’t let your skin experience the dreadful problem of dryness by using some of these winter skin care tips. Call Conkright Aesthetics today  at 812.842.0240 to learn more about hydrating products and circulation-enhancing treatments to ease the long, dry months of winter. After all, spring will be here before we know it!