Is there a lot of swelling involved with a Face Lift?
You can expect considerable swelling. Your face may look quite normal when you get home but the next day and the day after it will begin to swell. You may not recognize yourself, do not be alarmed, this will subside.
How long is the "down time" for this procedure; how long should I expect to be out of work?
You can expect to resume regular activities in about 2 weeks. It really is individual but the swelling is quite pronounced involving a facelift. There is bruising and of course a support garment will be worn to alleviate tissue stress and to support the healing tissues correctly.
When will I be able to see the results?
You will notice the tightening in your facial skin and muscle structure as soon as your swelling subsides. You do not want a severe "pulled back" look that is often seen in bad facelifts. This result is not normal and looks very done. Your face lift should lend alertness and vitality as in your youth. You will not look twenty or even thirty if you have a face lift at age 50. That is not the intention. However, you will agree that your appearance resembles a younger more relaxed version of you.
How long does a face lift last?
It is hard to say, but normally a face lift can last about 10 years. Of course, every case is individual and you will look younger regardless. This procedure can not stop you from aging but can lessen the appearance of your general sagginess and/or lines. We turn back the clock, not stop it.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Is there much scarring with a Blepharoplasty?
As with any surgical procedure some scarring should be expected. Although the scarring associated with blepharoplasty is quite minimal and practically non-existent after several months. The scars are placed within the normal creases and folds of the upper and lower eyelids so that when the eyes are open the scars are invisible. With lower blepharoplasty, where the fat is to be removed only with no skin excision, the incision can be made either on the inside of the eyelid or right under the lash line.
Will a Blepharoplasty rid me of my eye wrinkles?
A blepharoplasty is not designed to remove the wrinkles (i.e. sagging brows and Crow's feet) from the eye area. It is designed to remove the excess skin and herniated fat from the lid areas only. There are other procedures available that are area-specific to these complaints. Chemical Peels & Laser Treatments can help soften peri-ocular (around the eye) wrinkles significantly. Please consult with Dr. Conkright to determine your exact needs.
When will I be able to see the results?
After the swelling goes down you will be able to see a definite difference with the amount of over hang in the upper eye area if you had an upper blepharoplasty. You must realize that when the procedure is over there will be swelling that will increase over the next few weeks. This is due to fluids pooling, especially if you are not elevated properly. There is even increased swelling in the upper or lower eye area in individuals who have not had blepharoplasty. The tissues swell with fluid retention when you are at rest. If you sleep with your head well elevated (with two pillows) this will be less apparent.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

I'm getting a deviated septum and a hump fixed all in one and I wanted to know what kind of scarring I should expect.
Usually, there is no visible scarring unless it is an open rhinoplasty. Some forms of rhinoplasties are open – some are closed. It solely depends upon the individual's problem. Open rhinoplasty scars would be on the columella (the skin that separates the nostrils) sometimes resembling a straight line.
I'm going to get my nose done soon and my doctor also recommended me getting a chin implant because he says my nose will still appear 'big' since my chin goes a little further in then it should...Do people get both these procedures at the same time?
This is very common. A weak chin can and does make even an ideal sized nose look larger than it actually is. The chin augmentation is a relatively minor procedure when implants are used although it entails some risks all on its own.
I have to get my dressing off soon and wanted to know if it is going to hurt? Is there anything I can do beforehand?
Most patients report a little tenderness when the cast is removed. Dr. Conkright will use a cotton swab saturated with alcohol to help remove the adhesive from the tape and glue. It really shouldn't cause you great discomfort. The sutures that may be removed may sting. Meticulous care is taken during suture removal to ensure your comfort and well being.