Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or breast enlargement are surgical procedures performed to achieve a more proportionate figure. Breast augmentation has evolved throughout the years. Breast implants have changed and women now have a variety of options available to them. Surgical techniques have also improved and advanced. As you consider your options, there are many factors to consider, and Dr. Conkright and his staff can be a great resource.

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Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Breast lifts rejuvenate the breasts by trimming excess skin and tightening supporting tissues to achieve an uplifted, youthful contour. A breast lift improves the appearance of your breasts in several ways. It elevates your breast tissue, removes excess skin from the lower portion of your breast and then reshapes your remaining breast skin. At the same time, it relocates your nipple and areola (the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple) to a higher position.

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Mastopexy With Implants

A Mastopexy, or Breast Lift, with breast augmentation is a combination procedure that lifts sagging breasts while also increasing the cup size of the breast. Aside from improving the size and overall appearance of the breasts, a Mastopexy with Implants benefits patients by keeping breasts firm and perky for many years. Gravity does not have the same effect on implants as it has on natural breast tissue, so implants will retain their height and shape more easily.

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Cosmetic Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, enhances your overall appearance by making breasts more proportional to the rest of your body. Large breasts can cause pain, improper posture, rashes, breathing problems, skeletal deformities, and low self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery is usually done to provide relief from these symptoms. For these reasons, breast reduction (mammaplasty) generally is considered a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure. In addition to alleviating physical problems, however, it also improves the shape of your breasts and nipple areas.

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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Although rarely discussed, an enlarged male breast, also known as gynecomastia, is a common condition. Gynecomastia affects approximately 40 to 60 percent of men. Men who feel self-conscious about their appearance are helped with breast reduction surgery. The procedure removes fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a contoured chest that is flatter and firmer.

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