Are you what you eat?



Recently there has been a lot of  ''talk" about the ill-effects of eating sugary food, but we tend to skip over the topic of high fructose corn syrup-a sweetener that is commonly used in every day foods.  While we tend to consume it on a daily basis (yes, you likely do, just take a look at your drink ingredients), we don't think about the negative effects it can have on our skin.  Aside from potential weight gain, excessive intake of high fructose corn syrup may cause issues like cellulite, acne, hyper pigmentation and tooth decay.

One major reason is because our bodies don't recognize or process high fructose corn syrup, which causes it to react.  No digestion is required. The sugars are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream and fructose goes to the liver too fast and triggers the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol.  So high fructose corn syrup causes you to gain weight, cause stress on your liver, and the SKIN (the body's largest organ) also reacts, causing a host of ailments.

Eliminating high fructose corn syrup can improve your mood, shrink the pores in your skin and create a more glowing complexion.  Excessive appetite decreases along with central waist fat and cellulite can be less noticeable.

This high fructose corn syrup is in one of the foods we consume as soon as we creamer.  Other culprits include cereals, some yogurt brands, and salad dressings, etc.  Check you labels friends, try cutting high fructose corn syrup from your diet.  Observe for improvement... We are what we eat.

Martha Hahus-Clinical Nurse Coordinator