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New Clinical Team Associate


Hello all,


For those of you who don’t know me I am Jessica Ralph and I am new to Conkright Aesthetics. I joined the team on September 12, 2011. This is a very new experience for me as my previous job was at Home Headquarter’s, which is a kitchen a bath studio here in Evansville. I graduated from Murray State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and since graduation I have decided to go back to school and peruse a degree in Sonography (ultrasounds) at the University of Southern Indiana.


What brings me to a plastic surgeon’s office you ask? Well, I wanted to get into the health care environment and get some experience working with “patients” instead of “clients” so I could make sure that the health care field is where I belong. To be honest with you, I never saw myself working in plastic surgeon’s office. Plastic surgery isn’t something I really ever gave much thought to. I’ve seen it on T.V. and have known people who have had Breast Augmentations but never really thought about it being something I would ever consider doing.


In my short three weeks of working at Conkright Aesthetics my perception of plastic surgery has changed tremendously. Not only do I have more respect for people who choose to turn to plastic surgery, but I understand why people decide to have these procedures done. I have learned that many people come to Dr. Conkright because they aren’t happy with the way a certain part of their body may look and have self-esteem and confidence issues. Here at Conkright Aesthetics, we strive to be the best and to allow our patients to get their confidence back! Give us a call today to set up your complementary consultation today 812.842.0240. Can’t wait to meet all of you!





Fall Fashion 2011


This fall is the  final season for the first year of this new decade, and also the season that will go a long way to defining 2012's fashion trends,  fall 2011 is a crucial period for building your wardrobe and evolving your personal style, according to Daniel Dykes for

So what’s in store for this season women? Seventies fashion remains high on the list of carry-over trends, taking with it the likes of flares and wide-leg pants.  Also plunging necklines, fur, and burnt color palettes are at the top of the list for this seasons' fall fashion.

The neckline plunge of 2011 / 2012 is not a scoop neck. It’s a deep cut V that ends somewhere between the breastbone and the naval. It’s glamorous yet effortless, so works best with a lightly relaxed fit rather than a gravity-defying, tightly fitted one.

This winter and into 2012 fur clothing and coats are all about the statement, whether the coat is made completely of fur or simply accented with it, it is a must have of the season.

A burnt color pallet are the colors for now and they’re the colors for next season. They are bright and hip and just about every label and retailer will offer something up in a burnt shade of color this season.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your accessories, and are wanting for one that carries over to the new year, the solid metal jewelry trend that includes everything from cuffs to chokers is what your looking for.  It's a clean and simple look that anyone can pull off.  Whether it is silver or gold- or bronze or copper these metal cuffs and chokers are the look for right now!


Perfect Pairings Wine Tasting Event

Join us September 14th for an evening of "perfect pairings".  Wine & hors d'oeuvres, Juverderm & Botox Cosmetic, Elastiderm & Latisse, Microdermabrasions & Decolletage. The list is endless, PLUS, all of our skin care products and Aesthetic procedures will be 20% off.

Age is Just a Number

Just how old is too old for plastic surgery?  Well, thanks to modern medicine people are living longer and remaining healthier.  This is allowing a new generation to turn to plastic surgery to mold the perfect bodies they've always craved: Seniors.  According to the ASPS, nearly 85,000 people age 65 and older chose to enhance their appearance by going under the knife in 2010.

Seniors burnishing their golden years with help from plastic surgery shouldn't be a surprise, since they are much more active then they used to be.  Many say that they want to look as good as they can for as long as they can. And why not? Why do we as a society seem to think this is even news worthy?  A professor at Harvard Medical School believes the double takes arise from out cultures mixed feeling about old people actively on the prowl.  " Part of our stereotype of old people is that they are social, warm and likable, but powerless and sexless".  We are in the age of Viagra, which is very well accepted, but suddenly the idea of older women and men wanting to be sexually active at this age makes us uncomfortable. There should be no difference between a twenty or thirty something women wanting larger breasts and an older women wanting breasts that she doesn't have to tuck into her waistband.

Some worry the difference between the two would be the risks associated with surgery in people over 65, and if these outweigh the benefits of the procedure.  Older patients may take longer to heal, and the results of plastic surgery may not last as long as in younger patients.  These concerns cannot yet be addressed because the data is not yet in.  What is known is that researchers found no significant differences in the instances of minor or major complications between patients whose average age was 70 and another whose average age was 57.  Chronological age and psychological age are different.  A person in their 70's, living a healthy active life can have no greater risks of surgery then someone in their 40's living a similar lifestyle.  One the other hand someone at any age who has poor genetics and or poor health habits might not even be a candidate for plastic surgery.

The "why" is another big question. Why are the older generations choosing to enhance their looks?  The reasons vary, some seniors have become widowed, or divorced and are trying to date and attract a spouse or a mate.  Another might be an aging salesman, a senior, who wants to compete with younger salesman and stay in the work force longer.

No matter what the reason is for wanting plastic surgery in your golden years I believe one fit, attractive 65 year old woman said it best.  " In my day, no one ever thought about breast enhancement or anything, but now days, women go out, and they would never get a second look if they show their age.  I find that you have to keep up your appearance physically, even if you just want a companion or someone to ask you to dinner.  That's not going to happen if  don't have the figure that these geezers are looking for".