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Hair Tips to Live By


There are certain hairstyles that we ALL wish we could take back (80s perm anyone?).  But, below is a list put together by Lucky Magazine of 5 hair tips to always and forever live by:

1)  Blow-dry side to side rather than (or in addition to) upside down for volume

2)  Your hair will be shinier if your final rinse is with cold water

3)  A ton of water is necessary when shampooing your hair.  Otherwise shampoo neither gets in or out of hair well, leaving it duller than dull

4)  Braids are sexy, cute and the only acceptable form of pigtail

5)  Beachy waves are always sexy

Keep these things in mind the next time you are getting ready for a night out.  Beautiful, sexy hair is never a bad thing.


Feel Refreshed and Renewed by this weekend


Happy Thursday everyone!  It's that time of the week again, we are all winding down after surviving over half of the work week.  Only one more day and it will be a 2 day relaxtion period most everyone looks forward to weekly.  But you deserve something more this week.  You deserve a relaxing experience that will make you feel beautifully refreshed by this weekend.  You deserve to treat yourself to a microdermabrasion.

A personal fan myself, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment for one of the most refreshing hours you have every experienced.  Martha Hahus, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, conducts the microdermabrasion and the way she does is like nothing you have ever experinced before.  Beyond the exfoliation of the face and neck area, she will deep clean and moisturize the skin, use a brown sugar rub on your lips, and so much more!  All of this while you are in a calm atmosphere, wrapped in a warm, cozy robe.

Martha sees patients every week Monday-Thursday.  Be sure to call and make your appointment today for a skin care treatment like no other!