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Deal of the Day and Cosmetic Surgery Do Not Mix


Thanks to popular coupon discount sites such as Groupon and social media such as Facebook, today’s consumers are being handed a very easy, online-driven way to quickly become price shoppers for almost any product or service you can imagine…including for better or worse aesthetic surgery.

It is a dangerous trend when consumers skip over the skills and expertise of the surgeon, to the price as the single deciding factor for professional aesthetic services.  Do they think so little of possibility of less than favorable result, or is that really a consideration?  Is Cosmetic surgery shopping really like buying gas or dental floss?  No!  Cosmetic surgery is still medicine, but not a necessity for health.  Plastic Surgeons like all doctors have taken a very prominent oath, to do what is in the best interest of someone other than themselves. Their success is measured in their patients’ well-being, not the dollar.  What sort of physician has a waiting room full of patients who are ready to move on to the next discounted “deal”??

Avoid the temptation to go the route of the “deal of the day” cosmetic surgical experience!  Be informed; research your surgeon’s credentials and experience. Price should be competitive but not “on sale”.  Realize, that it takes skill, expertise and artistic flair to render an acceptable cosmetic surgery outcome and that is priceless!

Breast Augmentation: Improving Your Well-Being and Sex Life


  Yes, your sex life, you did read the title correctly.  A study was performed that strongly supports the hypothesis that cosmetic breast augmentation can have a significant and profound positive impact on a woman's satisfaction with her breasts and her psychosocial and sexual well-being.  Well, SIGN ME UP!  The women in this study were questioned before surgery and followed postoperatively for one year.  All had to fill out a questionnaire called the BREAST Q, that allowed them to rate; satisfaction with breasts, psychosocial well-being, and sexual well-being, from 0-100.  Average scores increased post procedure from 27 to 70, from 45 to 78, and 35 to 72, respectively.    Researching the quality of life is increasingly regarded as an important factor in evaluating the benefits of many types of medical or surgical treatments.

I have mentioned before that breast augmentation  is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States.  According to the ASPS, more than 300,000 women underwent cosmetic breast augmentation in 2011.  The primary motivators for women seeking cosmetic breast augmentation include dissatifaction with breast size and/or shape, low self-perception of physical attractiveness, and attachment anxieties associated with sexuality.  These can lead to women camouflaging the appearance of their breasts with special brassieres or clothing and or avoiding being seen undressed by others.   DING,DING,DING... I think we have a winner.  Working in this office has allowed me to meet thousands of women who have anxiety about being examined during their consultation, and we look at breasts all day long. I can not even imagine how hard it must be for them to bare their chests to their significant others.

I read this article in full, and it offered many scientific terms and statistics that would easily help me catch up on some well need sleep.  That said, the main point I took from it was that if breast augmentation is something that you have been thinking about because you really, really do not like the look of your breasts, DO IT!  Our lives today are so full of situations that are out of our control, and if improving the quality of our lives can be done with an elective  medical procedure we should jump at the chance.  I have a wonderful job that allows me to increase a persons well-being, I look forward to helping you.