New Fall Hair Trend?


Here at Dr. Conkright's office the majority of the people coming in and out the door are women and everyone who works here is a woman, minus Dr. Conkright of course.  As you can imagine one thing always on our mind is BEAUTY.  An aspect of beauty that is discussed quite often is that of hair.  We are either not happy with the way our hair looks one particular day, our hair color turned out horendous, or our latest haircut is just not doing it for us.  I can't believe it, but summer is already coming to a close.  We are looking ahead at all the fall styles regarding fashion, make-up, and hair.  You see it all over the boutiques, malls, magazines, etc.

Recently Vanessa Hudgens was photographed on set of an upcoming movie project sporting a short new hairdo.  Possible new fall hair trend?  We were all curious whether this was a wig or if she really did chop off her long, beautiful locks.  Turns out, she cut off all her hair!  Not only that, she did it herself.  All of us here at the office are in agreement that this is one hairstyle that is a big no-no.  One of those she will look back on and wonder, why?  You know you can relate....we all can.  We all have had that moment of "oh no, what did i get myself into with this unbelievably awful haircut".  Her latest style has aged her years and as she put it makes her look like a "soccer mom".  Vanessa is a beautiful young actress and that will not change.  Thank goodness hair grows (or in Hollywood life, hair extensions).  Sorry Vanessa, but when it comes to my new fall hairdo, this is one I will NOT be asking for.