Deal of the Day and Cosmetic Surgery Do Not Mix


Thanks to popular coupon discount sites such as Groupon and social media such as Facebook, today’s consumers are being handed a very easy, online-driven way to quickly become price shoppers for almost any product or service you can imagine…including for better or worse aesthetic surgery.

It is a dangerous trend when consumers skip over the skills and expertise of the surgeon, to the price as the single deciding factor for professional aesthetic services.  Do they think so little of possibility of less than favorable result, or is that really a consideration?  Is Cosmetic surgery shopping really like buying gas or dental floss?  No!  Cosmetic surgery is still medicine, but not a necessity for health.  Plastic Surgeons like all doctors have taken a very prominent oath, to do what is in the best interest of someone other than themselves. Their success is measured in their patients’ well-being, not the dollar.  What sort of physician has a waiting room full of patients who are ready to move on to the next discounted “deal”??

Avoid the temptation to go the route of the “deal of the day” cosmetic surgical experience!  Be informed; research your surgeon’s credentials and experience. Price should be competitive but not “on sale”.  Realize, that it takes skill, expertise and artistic flair to render an acceptable cosmetic surgery outcome and that is priceless!