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Feel Refreshed and Renewed by this weekend


Happy Thursday everyone!  It's that time of the week again, we are all winding down after surviving over half of the work week.  Only one more day and it will be a 2 day relaxtion period most everyone looks forward to weekly.  But you deserve something more this week.  You deserve a relaxing experience that will make you feel beautifully refreshed by this weekend.  You deserve to treat yourself to a microdermabrasion.

A personal fan myself, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment for one of the most refreshing hours you have every experienced.  Martha Hahus, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, conducts the microdermabrasion and the way she does is like nothing you have ever experinced before.  Beyond the exfoliation of the face and neck area, she will deep clean and moisturize the skin, use a brown sugar rub on your lips, and so much more!  All of this while you are in a calm atmosphere, wrapped in a warm, cozy robe.

Martha sees patients every week Monday-Thursday.  Be sure to call and make your appointment today for a skin care treatment like no other!



Dr. Conkright and staff had the pleasure of meeting an inspriting young lady, turned patient recently.  She came in for a complimentary consultation because she had always been unhappy with the size of her breasts.  With little support from family, going through with the surgery was a tough decision for her to make.  After some tears had been shed, she ulitimately decided to do what she wanted to do for herself, whether everyone agreed with her or not.  Below is a testimonial she left us after her surgery:

"I had a breast augmentation about 4 weeks ago.  The thing that helped me the most was the staff telling me I had to move and could not lay around.  I had my surgery on a Thursday and went back to work Monday as an ER nurse.  I was sore and I was tired but moving really helped me heal quicker.  I love the staff and I have received many compliments on what a great job Dr. Conkright did.  I couldn't be happier."

Fall Newsletter 2010

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast implants have many benefits that make getting the surgery a simple choice.  If you have thought about breast augmentation, but have not realized the benefits yet, keep reading and see if any of the benefits mentioned appeal to you.

Whether it was genes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or the ever-looming mixture of time and gravity that has given you smaller breasts, most women want their breasts to look perky and somewhat larger ( and by larger, I mean at least a full B cup, not a DD).  Then there are the women that have different sized breasts.  All of these factors can make a woman feel awkward about the appearance of her breasts, the latter issue is one that makes it extremely difficult to find a bra that fits correctly. Breast augmentation can allow women to feel comfortable with a chest that is balanced, and is proportional with the rest of their body.

Basically, women like it when their breast look good.  Breast augmentation enhances our self-esteem in both social and intimate settings, allowing us to feel confident about ourselves.  Lack of satisfaction about our breasts is something that cannot be remedied through diet and exercise.  Breast size, shape, and firmness can only be improved with surgery, making implant surgery the best option for many women.

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VIVITE Defining Lip Plumper

We here at Conkright Aesthetics are very excited about a product we now have available to our patients.  We now carry VIVITE Defining Lip Plumper!

VIVITÉ® Defining Lip Plumper helps improve the appearance of lip volume, fullness, fine lines and wrinkles. Gentle conditioners help make lips smooth and soft, while soothing botanicals help protect against environmental stressors.

You can stop by our office during regular business hours to make your purchase.  We would love to see you!