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Breast Augmentation-CHECK!


I DID IT!! For those of you who have not read our Winter newsletter yet I am refering to my breasts.  Yes, I finally had my breast augmentation surgery January 3rd, 2013, and I am sooo HAPPY!  Was I nervous? Yes!  Was I super excited? Absolutely! Do I have more self-confidence now? You better believe it!  If this is something you have been thinking about but are just too scared or worried about what others might say if you were to "have your breasts done", then please read on.  First of all being nervous or scared is completely normal. I mean it is surgery, and with any surgery there are risks. It is up to you to decide if the benefits of breast augmentation out way the risks.  This is why speaking to a board certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Conkright is so important.  With his years of education and experiance he will answer all your questions, address your concerns, provide you with all the facts and allow you to decide if breast augmentation is best for you.  Obviously, I chose the surgery, and I am so glad that I did.  The question I get the most from women considering augmentation is "how big did you go?'  Well, that is kind of a hard question to anwer. I can tell you all that my implants are 285 cc and that I now wear a 34 C bra.  That said, these implants are what fit my frame, and complemented the breast tissue I already had. Someone else with a different build and amount of breast tissue may need a 385 cc implants, and they still might be a C-cup.  I know this may seem somewhat confusing, but once you sit down and talk with Dr. Conkright and he selects an implant for you it will make perfect sense.  Next, are my two favorite phrases, the first, "you are having your breasts done?" and " what, you had your breasts done, oh my gosh".  Don't worry, if you haven't heard them yet, you will hear them soon.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of cosmetic surgery, and whether or not you want to hear it they are going to tell you once you decide to have it done or have it done.  My response, is "YES, YES, YES!"  I mean, I already told over 1,500 people who receive our newsletter, and now I am righting a blog about, so really everyone knows, and it is A-O-K with me.  Having a breast augmentation is something I did for me, and no one else. So, you do it for you, who cares what anyone else thinks or says, only you know what is best for you.  I hope this information has inspired some of you to pick up the phone and call me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Danielle Blevins-Clinical Team Associate

Skin Care Drama



Recently a new patient arrived in the office requesting a consultation concerning her skin. The 30-40 something was concerned with fine lines, laxity, pore clogging and discoloration.  Referred by a family member whose skin was "radiant" and "beautiful", this patient was seeking a regime that would render the same radiant, beautiful results for her. After careful examination, I made recommendations and proceeded with demonstrations of products along with written instructions and explanations for their use.  The final part of the consultation included a question and answer session.  The patient was examining the products and said "there are parabins in this product".  "Yes", I said "that is only to preserve the product". "I only use products that are not harmful to my body", she said, thanked me for my time and left.  The fact is one must treat what ails them and be realistic about their goals.  Drama results from not having all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.  Parabins are simply preservatives that have been proven to reduce bacterial and fungal growth in skin care products and cosmetics.  SOME consumers believe that they cause cancer, influence estrogen levels and accumulate in tissues that would increase UVB mediated DNA damage.  This thought stemming from a study that involved rats.  The amount of parabins used in the study was 10,000 times what one would get from using skin care products with parabin. It does not apply to humans that is why the FDA continues to approve their use.

Conkright Aesthetics has three skin care lines, Obagi, Jan Marini Skin Research and Therapon.  I like to think we have something for everyone.  Not everyone has the same expectations, needs or budget, thus the goal statement at the beginning of the consultation appointment.  Proper education about the products, their efficacy and safety are crucial and can save a lot of drama... Radiant, beautiful skin stems from using skin care products that will best cleanse, rejuvenate, resurface, hydrate and protect. Therapon products are parabin free but a lot less aggressive, come in smaller containers and do not address the needs of all.  Obagi and Jan Marini do include parabin, but have products to address most skin care needs, are more aggressive and are available in larger sizes.  All of the products offered in this office are only sold in physicians offices and offer 100% patient satisfaction.

Martha Hahus-Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Are you what you eat?



Recently there has been a lot of  ''talk" about the ill-effects of eating sugary food, but we tend to skip over the topic of high fructose corn syrup-a sweetener that is commonly used in every day foods.  While we tend to consume it on a daily basis (yes, you likely do, just take a look at your drink ingredients), we don't think about the negative effects it can have on our skin.  Aside from potential weight gain, excessive intake of high fructose corn syrup may cause issues like cellulite, acne, hyper pigmentation and tooth decay.

One major reason is because our bodies don't recognize or process high fructose corn syrup, which causes it to react.  No digestion is required. The sugars are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream and fructose goes to the liver too fast and triggers the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol.  So high fructose corn syrup causes you to gain weight, cause stress on your liver, and the SKIN (the body's largest organ) also reacts, causing a host of ailments.

Eliminating high fructose corn syrup can improve your mood, shrink the pores in your skin and create a more glowing complexion.  Excessive appetite decreases along with central waist fat and cellulite can be less noticeable.

This high fructose corn syrup is in one of the foods we consume as soon as we creamer.  Other culprits include cereals, some yogurt brands, and salad dressings, etc.  Check you labels friends, try cutting high fructose corn syrup from your diet.  Observe for improvement... We are what we eat.

Martha Hahus-Clinical Nurse Coordinator

"Botox isn't magic, its medicine"


The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for Botox injections.  Looking your best for all festivities and photos that go with them is very important.  First time users and veterans alike are searching for the most economic and convenient appointment time.  Often, shopping renders a less expensive price tag and maybe even a more convenient place or time of day for a busy schedule.  Botox is a natural purified protein that relaxes muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  Injecting this into the muscle causes them to relax and the skin to be smoother and youthful.  That is the intent.  It is necessary to put the tiny injections of Botox in the correct locations. Creating a look that is sinister or sleepy is not optimal.  Seeking Botox magic is NOT in the medicine but in the technique of the injector.  Careful consideration in patient selection is important.  Result goals should be realistic!  Like any investment, do your homework. It takes up to two weeks for Botox Cosmetic to reach maximum results. Generally you get what you pay for.

So when looking for the magic Botox this holiday season, remember it is medicine.

Martha Hahus

Conkright Aesthetics Toys for Tots Event

Toys For Tots Donations

Conkright Aesthetics hosted out first ever Toys for Tots event December 6th from 1-8 pm and it was a HUG SUCCESS!  Thanks to our patients both new and old we raised over $600 in donations for the foundation.  THAT IS GREAT!  The event was set-up as an open house allowing anyone to stop in, drop off a new unwrapped toy worth $20 or more, or make a donation of $20 or more and they received 20% OFF any of our products or Aesthetic services.  We provided food, refreshments, and delicious desserts throughout the day for all of our guests.  The mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is to provide a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas: i.e.-through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them into becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens.  We at Conkright Aesthetics thought this would be a great way to celebrate the reason for the season, and thanks to you it was!  I wish you all a very joyful holiday season,  and again thank you, you helped make a child's Christmas very special.

Top 10 tips to help you stay beautiful FOREVER



Who doesn't want to look beautiful forever? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems. But, that also does not mean it is rocket science to stay beautiful for years longer.  It is a process and so it takes time. Here I present you with 10 tips to help you stay beautiful forever.

1.  Visit Conkright Aesthetics for all of your cosmetic surgery and aesthetic needs.

2.  Sleep your way to beauty: Haven't you always wanted to know the secret of Sleeping Beauty's beautiful skin? Sleep relaxes your mind and body, and helps get rid of stress. This is the reason they call it "Beauty Sleep".

3. Drink water: Our body consists of about 70% water, so when you drink less water, your skin cells dehydrate. Water cleanses and hydrates the skin, giving it a youthful and healthy glow.

4. Run from the sun: Avoid direct exposure from the sun. The harmful rays not only darken the skin, but also results in premature aging, wrinkles, dark spots and other skin problems.

5.  Use sunscreen even in winter or on a cloudy day: Just because it appears to not be sunny, the sun's rays pass through the clouds and directly affect your skin.

6.  Watch your diet: Whatever you eat influences you skin and hair.  Carefully watch what you eat. Avoid junk and oily food.  Instead, opt for fresh vegetables, salmon, lean meat and high fiber foods.

7.  Moisturize, even if your skin is oily: A moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin and keeps it moist.  It also cleanses your skin and makes it glow.

8.  Look after your hair: Long or short; pick a hairstyle that suits you best. However, make sure that you look after your hair. Use a good shampoo followed by a conditioner.

9. Be beautiful from the inside: Beauty should be inside-out. We're all human, we all do things that are bad. However, if possible, avoid wishing bad for others. Concentrate on yourself and your life alone. When you start feeling positive, it will have an impact on your beauty.

10.  Stay away from stress: A happy person always tends to look more beautiful than a person who is always sad.  So, try to avoid being a tragedy queen.  There are so many reasons to smile and be happy. So, push the stress in your life far away, get rid of any kind of negativity and, most importantly, smile!

I think the last tip sums it all up!   so..SMILE!