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Giving Thanks

At this time of year I am particularly mindful of all the many things that I am thankful for... My patients (who are considered friends) are so very important to me and to Conkright Aesthetics. I am thankful for their continued trust in my skills.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their lives and contribute to their sense of well-being.  I am really thankful for Dr. Conkright's continued commitment to excellence, striving for the very best in patient care and an atmosphere of respect.  Often thank you cards arrive at our office with remarks like "you have changed my life" or "I can't tell you how my self confidence has improved' and of course my favorite, " I could not have done it with out you".  This beautiful office is definitely something to be grateful for!  Gorgeous decor stocked with products and equipment to restore and enhance the face and body.  Really, who wouldn't want to be around that all the time? Often, I am asked what I like best about my job.  This is a difficult question to answer.  The best answer I can give is that I LOVE to take care of my patients.  I LOVE new products and techniques.  My new favorite thing: Jan Marini Tinted Sunscreen SPF 45-never leave home without it. Wear it alone or as a primer, good for all skin types.  I LOVE, LOVE the improved technology, allowing all of us at Conkright Aesthetics to be more efficient.  I can't even imagine what I did before I had a computer  and a digital camera.  Of course, I am very fortunate to have a wonderful work family! (Dr. Conkright and Danielle)

To sum it all up, I am so thankful for a job that allows me to get paid for something that I LOVE so much.

Martha Hahus-Clinical Team Associate

Ready for the Holidays?

Are you ready for the holidays?  I am certainly trying to get there.  Have I started shopping for gifts for my friends and family?  Not exactly. Have I began to make sure my skin is clear and glowing and ready to be kissed under the mistletoe, YES!!  Thankfully, I work for Dr. Conkright and have Martha (AKA-the skin guru) available to help me with all the details, and there are A LOT!  Year round I use the Obagi Nu-Derm System that we sell in our office, which by the way is the CADILLAC of skin care systems. However, I must tell you that recently Jan Marini Skin Research has came out with two AMAZING new products that I L-O-V-E!!  The Pumpkin Spice Holiday Exfoliator is DELISH!! No, I have not eaten it, but when I use it to exfoliate my skin, I can't help but wish it is Thanksgiving Day and I am eating pumpkin pie.  I have been using this product 2 or 3 times a week for the past month and my skin feels great. The other new product is a sun screen/MIRACLE CREAM!  The Physical Protectant SPF 45 is slightly tinted leaving a sheer, matte finish and acts as a primer for makeup.  So, not only does this product give my skin a healthy glow, it provides a smooth canvas for me to apply my makeup, AWESOME!  A good skin care regimen is only half of my battle. I have been told that I have very dynamic facial features. Which to me means, I have what looks like an accordion sometimes on my forehead, and parentheses lines around my mouth.  This is were Botox and Juvederm XC made by Allergan come into play.  Fortunately for me Martha Hahus, the Clinical Nurse Coordinator, has been injecting since the early 2000's and because of her expertise my skin is smooth and full in all the right places.  So, again I ask you, are you ready for the holidays? If this blog makes you rush to the mirror, then the answer is NO.  If you have any questions about any of the products I have mentioned, please call me and I can give you the 411 on those as well as anything else we provide here at Conkright Aesthetics.

Happy Holidays!-Danielle


Looking for the quick FIX

Every cosmetic procedure takes a little while-or-longer to show its full effect so running to the mirror right after a procedure expecting "instant results" is futile.  If any professional offers you instant results, RUN. Ther is no such thing. From Botox to a Face Lift there is certainly some time to wait for the end "look".  In this decade of aging baby boomers that really are not comfortable with their appearance, instant gratification marketing is selling youth!

The morning new programs, the internet, you next door neighbor and yes, Dr. Oz seem to be considered the leaders in determining what is safe, and appropriate to cure your woes of getting "old", not the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Yes, there are good doctors making intelligent judgements on TV shows, but keep in mind what works well for some might not work for you.  If you've seen something thought-provoking on TV, there's no harm in mentioning it to your doctor-just don't compare your results to something you saw on the tube.  Some times it's smoke and mirrors???

Creams and potions promise big returns, only to have the consumer switch to another cream or potion when that one does not work miracles immediately.  Hopping from one product to the other in search of youth is another problem in the "quick fix" quest.  Millions of dollars are spent annually on the drug store remedy only to have the consumer complain they did not get the results they promised.  Some over the counter home remedies may show some results, but if you are looking for real results, save yourself the aggravation of needless expenditure, find a good doctor.

For over 30 years I have been involved with the aging face and cosmetic surgery.  There is no quick fix.  If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.  The world of aesthetics has come a long way since I began.  My best advice ...set realistic goals, make sure your physician is board certified in plastic surgery, and follow his/her regimen for success.  It may not be the quickest or inexpensive but definitely THE BEST!

Martha Hahus-Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Conkright Aesthetics

Ladies Night Out!

This was a first for Conkright Aesthetics.  We had the fortunate opportunity to pair up with ERA First Advantage Reality for "Ladies Night Out".  Venders lined our halls, they included: Tracey Zeller Jewelry, Origami Owl, Jamberry Nails, Culinary Solutions, ThirtyOne, Tastefully Simple, Misty's Confections, Anthony's Heavenly Cheesecakes, All Sewn Up, and BasketKases.  All gave away FABULOUS prizes, the BIG winners were: Michelle Wells, Dwann Taylor, Kristen Hunteman, Kim Childers, Charlotte Sergesketter, Melissa Joines, Rita Yoon, Jami Gray, Linzee Smiley, and Kristen Dannheiser.  The night started at 6 pm with a variety of food samples for all to try and wine to finish it off.  The talk of the night was FREE BOTOX complements of Allergan the company who manufactures Botox cosmetic.  We extended this offer to anyone who had never had the pleasure of receiving Botox in our office before.  The line to schedule an appointment for this began promptly at 6, and proceeded through-out the night. (FYI, thanks for your patience everyone)  Our Allergan representative, Michelle Freeman brought along her Juvederm simulator that allowed all who ventured in to see her the chance to view how the product could benefit them.  Mahrokh Goldsmith from Jan Marini Skin Research was allowing everyone to smell the delicious limited time Pumpkin Spice Exfoliator we offer in our office currently, that by the way is AMAZING!  This great night had to come to an end at 7:30, I hope everyone had a great time, we certainly enjoyed  meeting all the new faces and I welcome you all back to our office anytime for all of your skin care and cosmetic surgery needs.

Puffy Eye Lids?


It is normal for your eyes to look a little swollen first thing in the morning.  BUT drinking alcohol, eating salty foods, allergies and watching “The Notebook” can produce bigger bags that stick around for a few hours. Here are a few ideas to get rid of them fast.

Choose a caffeinated cream such as Neocutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream (sold in our office). It smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, alleviates puffinessand refreshes the delicate eye area to help minimize signs of fatigue. Apply am and pm to delicate area around eyes. (This is a great product!  I use it personally and on my patients post facial non- surgical procedures.)

Soak cotton pads in cold Witch Hazel a natural skin tightening astringent.  Apply one to each closed eye for five minutes.

Believe it or not, your mother was right – chilled cucumber slices are a good remedy for bags. “They contain enzymes that reduce inflammation.  Also, since this vegetableis 90% water, it has an instant cooling effect.

I know it sound gross but as a teen I competed in beauty contests, the consultants working with me suggested hemorrhoid cream in the lower eye lid area to correct puffiness. (Careful not to get it in the eye) It is a quick temporary fix, but it works.

Of course some extreme puffiness or bags can not be alleviated with creams or soaks.  A surgical intervention is necessary to remove excess skin and fat to create a less fatigued, more youthful appearance. I personally have worked with hundreds of women and men concerned about the appearance of their eyes.  Find out what my ideas are for your puffy eye lids!

A Survivor's Story





"When it seems as though you should give up, HOPE whispers, try it one more time". 

 In December of 2010, my friend, a native of southern Indiana got the startling news that her breast biopsy was positive for stage one breast cancer.  Literally, on the very same day that she had an appointment to see Dr. Conkright about an Abdominoplasty she became aware she had a malignancy.  Prior to this always focused on her family and her demanding job, she left very little time to focus on herself.  Finally, she had made plans to take care of the abdomen that childbearing had left her, only to be faced with this uncertainty.  A lumpectomy and a course of radiation followed through the spring of 2011.  A negative mammogram a BIG OK and encouraging words from her oncologist led to a plan to proceed with the Abdominoplasty December 2011. Now in her words, "my clothes fit better, my posture is improved and I really appreciate all the flattering comments from my friends".  This mother of two successful children is such an inspiration! 

A survivor that listened to "what HOPE whispered".

Martha Hahus - Clinical Nurse Coordinator