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Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

It seems these days people are "addicted" to anything and everything.  From the most common addictions such as alochol and drugs to the more modern addictions such as sex (Tiger Woods anyone?) to plastic surgery.  I'm here to talk about Heidi Montag, the girl from The Hills reality series on MTV.  She recently revealed her new look in People magazine after going under the knife for an unbelievable 10 procedures back in November 2009.

Now look, I can understand her first plastic surgery experience because she had just come to Hollywood where "everyone" is beautiful and she wanted to fit in.  So with a nose job and breast augmentation she turned into a beautiful young lady from what was already great genes.  This recent surgery has me a little concerned.  First of all she is only 23 years old, so the NEED for this many surgeries seems a little outragious.  I would like to note, however, that some of the procedures that are considered part of the 10 surgeries are really non-invasive procedures (botox and fillers).  But still, she did have 8 other surgeries that are a big deal.

I hate to admit it, but I do follow the drama that is Spencer and Heidi Pratt.  I just can't help myself.  That, in itself, is an addiction I have!  So if I did not know better, I would be supportive of her surgeries because if it is going to make herself feel each their own.  However, I would not have had all surgeries performed in one setting.  Anyways, what I do know about Heidi and Spencer is that their plan in life is to be famous.  And with her records not selling and the reality show they star in having its days numbered, it seems this is yet just another tactic to keep themselves in the limelight for as long as possible.  I would say it is a little more than a coincedence that her plastic surgery story came out at the same time her second album dropped.  I do hope she did this for herself and nobody else.  But I have my doubts.


New Year's Resolutions

I cannot believe it is already 2010, and not only that but we are already 2 weeks into the new year!  About this time seems to be when many start slowly losing all motivation when it comes to their new year's resolutions.  But do NOT give up yet!  I have some tips to help you stay on track for the rest of the year and beyond.

Whether you decided that 2010 was going to be the year you quit smoking, got out of your dead-end job, or finally dropped that 20 lbs you have been trying to lose for years, I have some advice I hope will help you stick to your resolution this year (even if you haven't been able to stick to a resolution any year thus far).

The first thing is to get out of the mind-set that this is a resolution.  Look at it as a time to better yourself.  Because, let's face it, don't we all hope to better ourselves each and every day?  Too many times resolutions are made with a negative mindset.  You are thinking to yourself "alright, I will give up the cigarettes, the credit cards, the weight, etc".  Now is the time to stop thinking that way!  You are looking to improve yourself.  You want to be a better person than you were last year.  You want to feel better about yourself.  You want to lead a healthier lifestyle and be a better role model for your children.  This is REALLY what your plan was beginning 01/01/10.

If you absolutely want to stick to your new year's resolution this year, than make sure to make it a realistic one.  Saying that you are going to lose 50 lbs by the end of February probably isn't the most realistic goal ever made.  But if you set small, attainable goals than the chance of you meeting your goal is MUCH higher.  Also-stick to ONE resolution.  It makes it much easier to stick to your goal if you focus on one area in your life that you would like to improve.  For instance, making a resolution to call your parents more often, lose 25 pounds, and cut up all of your credit cards can become so overwhelming that you give up after just a short period of time.

Additionally, tell everyone you know that you are going to quit smoking in the year 2010!  Everyone!  That way you are going to be held responsible to master your resolution by not only yourself, but by everyone around you.

I have complete assurance that everyone out there who has made a resolution will stick to it this year following these few steps of advice!  It is the year for change, good change!  Here's wishing you the best of luck with your road to a better you!


Holiday Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner...only 7 days away!!  I'm sure there are many people who have been finished shopping for their loved ones for months now, but then there are others of us who still need to brave the crowds to start AND complete Christmas shopping.  Lucky for you, Conkright Aesthetics may have just what you are looking for!

Has a loved one mentioned an interest in plastic surgery?  If so, it could become a one stop shop for your Christmas shopping at Dr. Conkright's office.  There is a link to a full list of our plastic surgery prices on the main page of our website.  All you need to do is stop by our office and our professional and knowledgeable staff will take it from there.  If you choose to purchase a gift certificate for a plastic surgery procedure, we will write it out and place it in one of our custom made holiday gift bags (pictured above).  A free moisturizing lotion also will be put in each gift bag!

So maybe the person you are trying to shop for is not interested in cosmetic surgery persay.  Don't worry, Conkright Aesthetics also offers skin care products!  Along with carrying products from skin care lines such as Obagi, we perform non-invasive procedures like Botox, Dermalfillers, and Microdermabrasions.  You can either purchase products or any dollar amount you wish in the form of a gift certificate.  These will also be placed in our custom made gift bags with a free moisturizing sample.

If you are looking for a relaxing and quick stop Holiday shopping experience, be sure to visit Conkright Aesthetics in Newburgh, Indiana.  We are located at 4133 Gateway Boulevard (Suite 170) on the Deaconess Gateway Campus.  Our office hours are Monday and Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday and Thursday 8am-7pm, and Friday 8am-2pm.  [We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.]

We look forward to seeing you!


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Getting ready for the holiday party

Can you believe it is that time of year already?!  For me, 2009 has absolutely flown by and now as the year is coming to a close, holiday parties are keeping me very busy.  For some, holiday parties are the one time of  year the entire family or group of friends are able to get together so of course everyone wants to look their absolute best.  No worries though, I am here to walk you through the hottest trends for the 2009 holiday season!

Let's start at the top of the body and work down ladies.  When it comes to your hair, this year BIG is IN.  Whether your hair is up or down, large curls are in.  And there is a solution for those of you with pin straight, fine hair that doesn't like to hold curls--slicked back ponytails are also in.  Be sure to accessorcize your hair with pins or headbands featuring sparkles or crystals.

It doesn't work many other times of the year, but the holiday season is a perfect time of the year to wear RED lipstick.  If wearing red lipstick makes you a little nervous, try a red lipgloss.  This will create a more sheer effect.  Smoky eyes are also in this season, but don't wear red lipstick with smoky eyes--you will end up looking overdone.  But if you plan on wearing a smoky eye, stick to a nude lipstick or lipgloss.  One thing everyone should be doing this season is layering mascara to create long, lush lashes.  In addition, keep the sparkles for your clothing or hair accessories-matte makeup is the only way to go this holiday season.

Hair and makeup can really pull an outfit together.  But what should you be wearing this holiday season?  The answer is:  dresses!  Long sleeve minidresses are all the rave.  They show off some leg but keep you warmer than most dresses by having your arms covered.  Or dress up the LBD this year but purchasing one with glitz and sparkles.  One shoulder dresses are also a very elegant look.  Floral prints in deep, rich colors are very festive and the hot color for clothing is--yep, you guessed it--PURPLE!  It's been in season all fall and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.   Top off your look with some oversize hoop earrings, multi-strand pearls, peep-toe booties, and a leopard clutch.

The key to holiday looks this season is simplicity.  Take one area of your look to make a statment and keep the rest simple.  For instance, if you choose a sequin little black dress, pair it with peep-toe booties, a leopard clutch, large hoop earrings, smoky eyes with nude lips, and big, curly hair (sans the hair accessories).

Take this advice and you will be all the talk at the holiday parties!

Have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!


What's the Big Deal?

Why is the idea of plastic surgery always so taboo?  There are countless websites anyone can venture to on the Internet that debates whether or not a celebrity has or has not had cosmetic surgery.  What does it matter if someone has undergone breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or a face lift? If they did, they did.  There could be a million reasons why that person choose to "go under the knife" so to speak.  Many celebrities have admitted to cosmetic surgery in order to help their career.  Some individuals have surgery to boost their self-esteem, or to help them look as young as they feel.  For what ever reason it was a decision they made for themselves.  It was a choice.  A choice based on what would be best for them. No one should ever have plastic surgery for anyone else but themselves.  And we as a society should support that. Yet, we question the process and reasoning for the surgery every step of the way.  For example, I have always disliked my nose.  Everyone who knows me, knows this.  Because of my nose, I never want to be photographed, and anytime a see a photo of myself I can not appreciate the purpose for the photo because my entire focus is on my nose. My family and friends do not identify with me, because they all have normal noses.  So, what I want to express is that we should not be so judgemental to anyone who desires plastic surgery, or who has had surgery.  Everyone is different, and we all have our " little things" about ourselves we do not like.  The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not a decision made lightly. If someone you love wants to have a procedure, support them. You may be in their shoes someday.