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A Survivor's Story





"When it seems as though you should give up, HOPE whispers, try it one more time". 

 In December of 2010, my friend, a native of southern Indiana got the startling news that her breast biopsy was positive for stage one breast cancer.  Literally, on the very same day that she had an appointment to see Dr. Conkright about an Abdominoplasty she became aware she had a malignancy.  Prior to this always focused on her family and her demanding job, she left very little time to focus on herself.  Finally, she had made plans to take care of the abdomen that childbearing had left her, only to be faced with this uncertainty.  A lumpectomy and a course of radiation followed through the spring of 2011.  A negative mammogram a BIG OK and encouraging words from her oncologist led to a plan to proceed with the Abdominoplasty December 2011. Now in her words, "my clothes fit better, my posture is improved and I really appreciate all the flattering comments from my friends".  This mother of two successful children is such an inspiration! 

A survivor that listened to "what HOPE whispered".

Martha Hahus - Clinical Nurse Coordinator


Breast implants are celebrating 50 years of making women happy and satisfied with the way they look this year.  Since 1962, much advancement has been made and the procedure's future looks even brighter.

Breast implants have an interesting history.  The truth is for five decades doctors have been performing breast augmentation. 2012 marks the golden anniversary of these implants. The first breast augmentation procedure was performed in 1962, but it wasn't until the mid 80's that this procedure became more popular and was openly talked about.  316,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in 2011 alone and it is still one of the the most requested procedures that are performed here at Dr. Conkright's office and across the United States.  Because of the advancements in technology, doctors have developed safer and more effective implants then ever before.  We now have both saline and silicone implants available from three FDA approved companies.  The main reason to have breast augmentation continues to be to improve self image and confidence.  Most women in this practice seek either to be restored to pre childbearing appearance, or to correct asymmetry and under development.


We are excited to look forward at what the future holds!  With the improvements in this surgery our patients are back to normal activities with in a few hours and enjoying their enhanced confidence right away.  So celebrate yourself and 50 years of beautiful breasts with an augmentation.

Breast Reconstruction=Empowerment


When Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jewel was asked to partner with the ASPS and serve as the national spokesperson for the inaugural National Breast Reconstruction  Awareness (BRA) Day on Oct. 17th  she was both honored, and shocked at the same time.  She was shocked to hear that 70 percent of women who are eligible for breast reconstruction are not properly informed of their options; therfore, (as few as) 20 percent of breast cancer survivors who undergo mastectomy currently choose to have reconstruction surgery.  Yet, honored to be a part of a campaign that will help improve the lives of women through education and awareness.  Deciding to team up with the ASPS for reconstruction awareness she hopes to make women become their own health care advocates. The way to do this is to be informed of your options that are available, and become part of this campaign by empowering themselves with information on this topic and gaining a better understanding of a survivor's options for reconstructive surgery. Also, any time you take the initiative to learn more and fully understand a disease, you absolutely become empowered. This is what  BRA Day is all about-empowerment through education.

Jewel wrote a song called "Flower" specifically for the breast reconstructive campaign. "Flower" is such a personal song to me, and it fits this campaign in such a special way. Often words and music develop at the same time through melody, much like this song did. The song really is about  overcoming obstacles with grace, dignity and courage- and out of that transformation and struggle is pure beauty.

The lyrics say:   Challenges don't define her/ She is shaped by how she carries on/ Says this is her opportunity to decode/Grow into the type of woman she wants to become/And so with gratitude and the strength  of humility/She transforms pain into victory, digging her roots deep

Performing  during Plastic Surgery The Meeting  in New Orleans Jewel hopes to educate more women on this issue and thus empowering them. Also, as a part of the fundraising initiative, the campaign will be raising money for CHARITY, an organization doing amazing work by providing reconstuctive surgery to those who cannot afford it.

Click the link below and sample this beautiful song created for an amazing cause.




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Deal of the Day and Cosmetic Surgery Do Not Mix


Thanks to popular coupon discount sites such as Groupon and social media such as Facebook, today’s consumers are being handed a very easy, online-driven way to quickly become price shoppers for almost any product or service you can imagine…including for better or worse aesthetic surgery.

It is a dangerous trend when consumers skip over the skills and expertise of the surgeon, to the price as the single deciding factor for professional aesthetic services.  Do they think so little of possibility of less than favorable result, or is that really a consideration?  Is Cosmetic surgery shopping really like buying gas or dental floss?  No!  Cosmetic surgery is still medicine, but not a necessity for health.  Plastic Surgeons like all doctors have taken a very prominent oath, to do what is in the best interest of someone other than themselves. Their success is measured in their patients’ well-being, not the dollar.  What sort of physician has a waiting room full of patients who are ready to move on to the next discounted “deal”??

Avoid the temptation to go the route of the “deal of the day” cosmetic surgical experience!  Be informed; research your surgeon’s credentials and experience. Price should be competitive but not “on sale”.  Realize, that it takes skill, expertise and artistic flair to render an acceptable cosmetic surgery outcome and that is priceless!

Breast Augmentation: Improving Your Well-Being and Sex Life


  Yes, your sex life, you did read the title correctly.  A study was performed that strongly supports the hypothesis that cosmetic breast augmentation can have a significant and profound positive impact on a woman's satisfaction with her breasts and her psychosocial and sexual well-being.  Well, SIGN ME UP!  The women in this study were questioned before surgery and followed postoperatively for one year.  All had to fill out a questionnaire called the BREAST Q, that allowed them to rate; satisfaction with breasts, psychosocial well-being, and sexual well-being, from 0-100.  Average scores increased post procedure from 27 to 70, from 45 to 78, and 35 to 72, respectively.    Researching the quality of life is increasingly regarded as an important factor in evaluating the benefits of many types of medical or surgical treatments.

I have mentioned before that breast augmentation  is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States.  According to the ASPS, more than 300,000 women underwent cosmetic breast augmentation in 2011.  The primary motivators for women seeking cosmetic breast augmentation include dissatifaction with breast size and/or shape, low self-perception of physical attractiveness, and attachment anxieties associated with sexuality.  These can lead to women camouflaging the appearance of their breasts with special brassieres or clothing and or avoiding being seen undressed by others.   DING,DING,DING... I think we have a winner.  Working in this office has allowed me to meet thousands of women who have anxiety about being examined during their consultation, and we look at breasts all day long. I can not even imagine how hard it must be for them to bare their chests to their significant others.

I read this article in full, and it offered many scientific terms and statistics that would easily help me catch up on some well need sleep.  That said, the main point I took from it was that if breast augmentation is something that you have been thinking about because you really, really do not like the look of your breasts, DO IT!  Our lives today are so full of situations that are out of our control, and if improving the quality of our lives can be done with an elective  medical procedure we should jump at the chance.  I have a wonderful job that allows me to increase a persons well-being, I look forward to helping you.