New Year's Resolutions

I cannot believe it is already 2010, and not only that but we are already 2 weeks into the new year!  About this time seems to be when many start slowly losing all motivation when it comes to their new year's resolutions.  But do NOT give up yet!  I have some tips to help you stay on track for the rest of the year and beyond.

Whether you decided that 2010 was going to be the year you quit smoking, got out of your dead-end job, or finally dropped that 20 lbs you have been trying to lose for years, I have some advice I hope will help you stick to your resolution this year (even if you haven't been able to stick to a resolution any year thus far).

The first thing is to get out of the mind-set that this is a resolution.  Look at it as a time to better yourself.  Because, let's face it, don't we all hope to better ourselves each and every day?  Too many times resolutions are made with a negative mindset.  You are thinking to yourself "alright, I will give up the cigarettes, the credit cards, the weight, etc".  Now is the time to stop thinking that way!  You are looking to improve yourself.  You want to be a better person than you were last year.  You want to feel better about yourself.  You want to lead a healthier lifestyle and be a better role model for your children.  This is REALLY what your plan was beginning 01/01/10.

If you absolutely want to stick to your new year's resolution this year, than make sure to make it a realistic one.  Saying that you are going to lose 50 lbs by the end of February probably isn't the most realistic goal ever made.  But if you set small, attainable goals than the chance of you meeting your goal is MUCH higher.  Also-stick to ONE resolution.  It makes it much easier to stick to your goal if you focus on one area in your life that you would like to improve.  For instance, making a resolution to call your parents more often, lose 25 pounds, and cut up all of your credit cards can become so overwhelming that you give up after just a short period of time.

Additionally, tell everyone you know that you are going to quit smoking in the year 2010!  Everyone!  That way you are going to be held responsible to master your resolution by not only yourself, but by everyone around you.

I have complete assurance that everyone out there who has made a resolution will stick to it this year following these few steps of advice!  It is the year for change, good change!  Here's wishing you the best of luck with your road to a better you!


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