What's the Big Deal?

Why is the idea of plastic surgery always so taboo?  There are countless websites anyone can venture to on the Internet that debates whether or not a celebrity has or has not had cosmetic surgery.  What does it matter if someone has undergone breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or a face lift? If they did, they did.  There could be a million reasons why that person choose to "go under the knife" so to speak.  Many celebrities have admitted to cosmetic surgery in order to help their career.  Some individuals have surgery to boost their self-esteem, or to help them look as young as they feel.  For what ever reason it was a decision they made for themselves.  It was a choice.  A choice based on what would be best for them. No one should ever have plastic surgery for anyone else but themselves.  And we as a society should support that. Yet, we question the process and reasoning for the surgery every step of the way.  For example, I have always disliked my nose.  Everyone who knows me, knows this.  Because of my nose, I never want to be photographed, and anytime a see a photo of myself I can not appreciate the purpose for the photo because my entire focus is on my nose. My family and friends do not identify with me, because they all have normal noses.  So, what I want to express is that we should not be so judgemental to anyone who desires plastic surgery, or who has had surgery.  Everyone is different, and we all have our " little things" about ourselves we do not like.  The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not a decision made lightly. If someone you love wants to have a procedure, support them. You may be in their shoes someday.


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